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Cosmic, Man!

Cosmological weirdness:

1. Mathematically, the universe could have come from random fluctuations in the "false vacuum". A "vacuum bubble" could form and expand exponentially. In other words, the period of "inflation" during the big bang may have a mathematical basis.

2. The black hole at the center of our galaxy (Sagittarius A*) may be a wormhole. Theoretically, it should be too old to be a super-massive black hole.

3. However, black holes may not exist anyway. Collapsing stars may lose mass (through Hawking radiation) so fast that they can't create an event horizon (i.e., a black hole).

4. On the other hand, faster than light travel is theoretically possible...in an area with negative mass (negative energy density). A recent study showed that a perfect fluid could have negative mass without violating general relativity.