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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Thank you to the Emerald Princess passengers who made our trip so memorable. It was great to meet old friends (from other cruises), to make so many new friends, and to indulge in fascinating science discussions. Thanks especially to those who successfully "stumped the scientist". I love learning new things, so you can be sure I won't stay stumped for long! Thanks also to those of you who shared your expertise so generously. You've provided me with insights into technologies and industries I might never have realized on my own.  I hope you enjoyed our interactions as much as we did.

Last Minute!

The Lovely Assistant and I are excited to be cruising again.  I'll be lecturing on the last half of the Emerald Princess repositioning cruise between Copenhagen and New York.  We'll be getting on in Reykjavik, Iceland and staying on until New York.  Which lectures to add to the schedule are still under discussion.  When the schedule is finalized, the lectures will be listed with the new cruise.

The New Site will be Awesome

As web master, the old site was getting to be a nightmare. Bots were creating new logins at a furious rate and posting spam comments. The new site is more restrictive, but should be easier to manage. If there are features you'd like to see on the site, please contact us.