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Studying Climate Change

I'm taking an on-line course on climate change (from MIT). I've never tried one of these before and it's pretty interesting. The video lectures are deceptively easy, but the problems are rigorous. So far it's been a great refresher. It's been a long time since I studied black body radiation. Also, filling in the gaps of exactly how isotopic ratios are used as proxies for ancient temperature and adding detail to how Milankovitch cycles nudge the climate towards glacial and interglacial periods has been terrific.

Back from Hawaii

Our back-to-back Hawaiian cruises on the Grand Princess were...well...grand. For all our new friends, thank you so much! It's always a pleasure cruising with such bright, entertaining people. For those of you interested in reading more about why cruise ships don't fall over, check out the Tips section.  There are also unofficial statistics on all the Princess ships in the same section. Aloha!


I'll be at MileHiCon in Denver next weekend (October 18-20). It's a great little Con if you happen to be in the Denver area--especially if you're into science fiction and fantasy literature. There will be lots of readings, wonderful fantasy art, and panels for the budding writer or artist. I'll be talking about "Earthquake Mythology" Sunday at around lunchtime (between the Critter Crunch and the Art Auction). Come and say "Hi!" (it might just be the two of us).