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We're Going to Africa!

We have just been confirmed on the Ocean Princess for a segment of the world cruise from Cape Town, South Africa to Dover, England.  We couldn't be more excited about this trip!  It's not often anyone has a chance to cruise an entire coast of a continent.  On top of that, I've only been to one place in Africa and I've only been there once (Cape Town, of course).  Gee, what should we do while waiting for our ship to come in?

Weird Science

I'm a big fan of pop science news clips, so I've started a "Weird Science" section to share some of my favorites (with my insightful commentary, of course). Joking aside, I will try to provide some background where I can and explain why these items are meaningful to me in particular or to the relevant science in general. My selections are, of course, strongly influenced by my own interests. I'm finding that they are heavy on Earth and planetary science, astronomy, cosmology, high energy physics, archeology, and psychology. I think it'll be a lot of fun.  Check it out!

Off Again!

We're excited that we'll be cruising over the holidays again for the third year running. It may seem strange for us to leave our family over Christmas, but now that our son is on his own there really isn't that much tying us down. Besides, there's something really special about celebrating the holidays on the ship. We always seem to find great people to share our Christmas dinner and celebrating the new year in half a dozen time zones on New Year's Eve is a blast! This year we'll be cruising the Caribbean for the first time since 2011, doing back-to-back cruises from Ft.