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We're Going to Australia!

We've just been confirmed on the Golden Princess from San Francisco to Sydney departing on September 19!  We're so excited to revisit the exotic islands of the South Pacific, return to New Zealand, and finaly get a chance to see some more of Australia.  It's going to be a great trip!

Web Site Upgrade

Issues with the web software have been fixed (many thanks to our son Mike!) and pictures are being reloaded when I have time. The site will still look pretty much the same, but if you click on a picture, you will see it full size. So far the maps for the cruises (also shown in the Gallery under Maps) have all been updated. All the other images in the Gallery will eventually be updated as well. We are also talking about changing up the Gallery software so it will be possible to scroll through the pictures in each group.

Flaky Pictures?

All the pictures on the web site are being updated to allow a larger, more detailed version when you click on them. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the web software is giving me some trouble, so there may be times when many of the pictures don't display at all until you click on them to get the full sized version. Sorry for the inconvenience.