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Flaky Pictures?

All the pictures on the web site are being updated to allow a larger, more detailed version when you click on them. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the web software is giving me some trouble, so there may be times when many of the pictures don't display at all until you click on them to get the full sized version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Home Again

What a trip it's been! A week in Zambia, mostly spent on safari, a month on the Ocean Princess cruising up the west coast of Africa, a week in England visiting friends, and three days in Iceland groking the essence of the volcanic landscape. Every part of the trip was wonderful.  On our safari we watched wild painted dogs hunt, were surrounded by a pride of lions, and watched a leopard sauntering down a dry stream bed. There were amazing birds everywhere, not to mention hippos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and antelope.

New Talks

I'm excited about three new talks I've been working on! Of course, I had to do a talk on Africa and what a (geologically) intriguing place it is. The East African Rift is a truly incredible geological feature! Another new talk has been rattling around in my head since our Caribbean cruises last December. The Chicxulub impact crater in Yucatan is clearly a geological point of interest in the Caribbean Basin, but I never realized that such a dramatic story lurked beneath the discovery of its connection to the death of the dinosaurs.