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Talk at the Merc

Dr. Ray and his Lovely Assistant will be presenting a talk on "Bad (Movie) Science" at the Merc Tuesday at 6 pm. Earth science is examined through the lens of science based disaster films. Fun will be had by Dr. Ray at the very least!

You May Wonder...

You may be wondering what is going on with the random travel pictures on the web site home page. The sad truth is that I have been very slow about adding travel pictures to the image gallery--very, very slow. I am an avid photographer and I have discovered that insurance shots and pictures from different angles can be useful. You may see where this is going.... I now have so many pictures from each place that culling and touching them up has become a major effort. This is particularly difficult in places that are very scenic, but where all the pictures are similar (such as Magadelefjord).

It Was the Best of Cruises...

It was the best of cruises, it was the worst of cruises. I'm finding that I thrive on cruises long enough to present a coherent lecture series (15 talks for this trans-Atlantic trip). I love having time to build relationships with passengers. In that sense, it was a great cruise. I really felt like I was hitting my stride as a lecturer.